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About KoaBot

KoaBot is a task automation tool (bot) developed to automate repetitive and monotone actions in King of Avalon. It is currently only available for windows.

It is developed with focus on effectiveness and reliability. It also offers a wide selection of different scripts, performing specific tasks, suitable for both the big farmer with many castles, or on your main castle. The auto shield is a favorite and sending marches is a must have.

The effectiveness of the bot is dependent of the emulator, which it is trying to control. If the emulator is stable, and the King of Avalon software runs without problem, the bot can function as intended.

The scripts have been thoroughly tested, but some are still under development. In the script info you can read more about them.


  • Alliance farming
  • Tile searching and gathering
  • Auto shield
  • Make alliance donations
  • Repair walls
  • Make wishes
  • Use instant yield talent
  • Collect "small tip"
  • Train army types independently
  • Praise
  • Collect Merlin
  • Collect Daily Rewards
  • Collect resources in city (beta)
  • Collect tribute (beta)
  • Upgrade buildings (beta)